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So I've recently returned from a trip to Berlin and had a pretty wonderful time!  So many things about it I could big up but since this is a mostly foodie blog I'll stick with just that (believe me there's enough to go on about!). I had heard that Germany had gone crazy for veganism and was pleased to find this was just the case, there were vegan/veggie restaurants galore and almost everywhere advertised as having vegan friendly options.

Here's a list of the faves I visited!

Yellow Sunshine
We stayed in an apartment in Kreuzberg , and upon finding our street and making our way up to our building we stumbled upon two veggie restaurants (and two second hand shops), perfect right? After dropping off our suitcases we headed back to one of the veggie place we had passed called Yellow Sunshine for some lunch. It was nice, offered a load of fake meat options and a hell of a lot of veggie/vegan burgers! We ended up just going for fresh salad and chips though -  the classic vegan option at almost any restaurant, I know! Oh and the chips in Germany are all served with this spice on them called 'pommes salz', tasty stuff!

We were starving by the time we got here so were definitely in the mood for all the bready things they had to offer - wraps, bagels, burgers. They had a whole lot of vegan options with cheese on a lot of the food being replaced with tofu. I had a spicy black bean burger with extra salsa and guacamole, lush!
I couldn't resist the peanut butter chocolate cake staring at me through the display glass so had to indulge, and goodness me I'm glad I did! I'm going to have to try and recreate that one at home I think.

No Hablo Espanol
Great Mexican place situated in Friedrichshain. Though not strictly veggie it has great vegan options, and the food is made right in front of you. I went for a vegan burrito which was amazing! It was huge and super tasty. Only a couple of tables inside though so would recommend it as somewhere to get food to take-away.

All of the ice-cream parlours I passed I noticed as offering vegan ice-cream as well! Lucky on our last day it got acceptably warm and sunny enough for it. I (having no self-restraint) went for the most extravagant one they offered which consisted of three scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream, strips of dark chocolate, chocolate chips, sauce, and a wafers. They had a great selection of vegan flavours too! I ended up going for chocolate, strawberry and what we deciphered as being hazelnut.

Loved this place! All vegan super health food and load of hot drinks and smoothies with a load of options of milk to go with it. They have a huge selection of freshly make salads with quinoa, lentils, and other exciting things. They do loads of desserty treats too, I had a beaut slice of chocolate cake. We went back on a different day and I had the dahl which was delicious and packed with veg. Seriously check out their Facebook for food pics to make you drool. Would definitely visit this one again!

Apologies for the lack of photos for some of the places - was too busy gorging! More stuff to come in Part Two!

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