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So remember I told you to watch this space on my [ tie-dye curtains post ]? Yes? No? Well check out this little number

Oh yes, the tie-dye dress is here! As my first proper dress-making attempt I must say I am pleasantly surprised (shocked and amazed) at how well it has turned out. And it's ready just in time for the warm Spring that has kindly landed itself upon us. Here's how I did it :)

Using that spare green dye I talked about I carried out exactly the same process as the curtains with this result
Rather than buy a pattern to use I made my own pattern using the design and measurments of a dress I already have (I use cheap gift wrap paper to make the pattern pieces). I then pinned the pattern pieces onto the fabric ready to be cut out. This step was fun as I got to choose exactly which bits of the tie-dye pattern I wanted to end up on each part of the dress.
And there they all are! Four pieces for the arms, three for the tops, three for the skirt, and two for the collar, and two for the lapels.
I didn't take any photos of the process of putting them together but it consisted of overlocking all of the edges of each piece, hemming the neccesary parts, then sewing all of the pieces making up the back of the dress into one, and the same with the front pieces. This was definitely the longest step! And it resulted in this
Nearly there! :) Now I needed to sew these together while incorporating the collar to form the lapels
It all went rather smoothly! Added the buttons and button holes (we won't be having any close-ups of those!). Here's that final result again :)


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  1. Wow this dress is so lovely! I'm so impressed you made the pattern simply by measuring up a dress you already have - that's such a great idea :)

    1. Thank you! :) Most people would say it's easier to buy a pattern to use but I disagree! x

  2. Ahhh you've made it yourself? perfect idea!