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Okay so let's start this thing with the fabric adventure embarked upon last week! This one was pretty simple and for a first tie-dye attempt I'm pretty happy with the result.

Materials involved

  • Dylons 'jeans blue' dye
  • White cotton fabric
  • Elastic bands
This was all I needed for the tie-dye process. Here we go!

 I wanted vertical stripes so rolled the fabric vertically (top to bottom rather than side to side), then  secure bands with spacing to your discretion!
Dye according to pack instruction.

The result?

Pretty pleased indeed! :) I then hemmed the top and bottom and ironed smooth. Attached them to my blinds (in an admittedly haphazard manner - hence the lack of close up shot!) and voila! I have a snazzy new curtain. What d'ya reckon?

(I also have a green dye which I decided not to use in the end - the words tie-dye babydoll dress spring to mind. Watch this space!)


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