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Spelt & rye crispbread, baba ghanoush, pomegranate 

Last week Emily and I took a little trip to the hometown of His Majesty (a.k.a. Morrissey). It was my first time in Manchester and I must say I couldn't have asked for a better first impression!

As we stepped off the train our first thoughts, of course, were FOOD :) So after dropping our bags at hotel we were on our way to Bistro 1847.

Bistro 1847 is a veggie/vegan restaurant with two branches - one in Birmingham, one in Manchester.  The menu consists of tapas style dishes with a 'sharing/grazing' theme. I was happy to see a lot of vegan options available! Take a look at the Autumn menu we chose from here. It's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the tastes in each of these dishes, not to mention their delightful presentation! Bistro prides itself on sourcing the finest local ingredients which include natural, wild, and foraged produce! Exciting right?

Scroll for the beautiful display!

Beer-battered halloumi, seashore herbs & plants, mushy pea emulsion, smoked lemon curd, gin pickled shallots

My vegan option of this dish came with tofu instead of halloumi, which was cooked to perfection! The mushy pea emulsion made a great accompaniment :)
Pickled candy beet, yoghurt, salt baked beetroot, rosehip, beet falafel

The dishes came with all sorts of colourful edible plants. The baba ghanoush was my favourite dish. Served on slate with rustic cuttings of spelt and scattered with flowers it looked like it was made for some kind of forest fairy!

The five minutes of picture taking before we tucked in :)

A fantastic dining experience! Would be a great place to go for vegans, veggies and non-veggies a-like!

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