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That year in Berlin was an absolute dream. Although there's a lot I miss - housemates, friends, colleagues, the kids, the kindergarten, the endless amounts of vegan cake, ice-cream, doughnuts, brownies, Sunday brunch buffets, the club scene, the art scene, the cafe culture, the parks, the lakes, the street music, the street art, all the wonderful people I met, and in general living in my favourite city in the world, things back home have actually been pretty good. I've been home for six months now and I've been keeping myself pretty busy visiting a lot of my favourite people and places. I went to West Wales (Tenby, Manorbier), Leicester, London, Bath, spent Christmas in Iceland, Denmark, and a few days ago I got back from Leeds. I managed to get some really great pictures from Denmark so I'm sharing them now. I wish I'd had more time there, but I'm sure I'll be visiting again soon. :)

Mathilde has already got this spread laid out when we arrive. I know, she's an angel right?

We found this amusing.

 Exploring Christiania, this cafe was a serve yourself, pay by weight, vegan-friendly kinda place.

 Not sure if I captured their mood too well. They were actually pretty happy.

At this point I got told off for taking photos. DO NOT take photos in Christiania. It's against their lawless laws.

Every pastry bar one in this health food shop was vegan. Can you imagine my excitement? Mathilde recommended the best. This is it by the way.

We were travelling to Aarhus that day so needed snacks for the journey. These did pretty well. Sund Sult. And more pastries Det Rene Brod

Another winning breakfast courtesy of Mathilde and her lovely mum.


 Inside the rainbow pictures following


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