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So far the spring weather has been a bit up and down in Berlin but the spells of bright sunny days have given us a great taste of the coming summer :) Speaking of taste I recently celebrated my birthday and of course and as usual the focal point of that celebration was around...yes you guessed it, food! Luckily for me my foodie housemate Mathilde's birthday is close to mine so we decided to make a huge buffet for our friends full of our favourite vegan recipes. A lot of the dishes have already featured on this blog and I also learned lots of great new ones from Mathilde. Foodie friends are the best friends :)

We made strawberry matinis and mini pizzas to begin as people arrived and waited for the others. One with rosemary potato and the other with vegan cheese and fresh basil. Sadly I don't have the photos of them! Then came the main act. In total we had;
Homemade bread
Tomato bruschetta
3x dips - roasted red pepper, walnut red pepper, and houmous
Soy toasted nuts (toasted ourselves)
Lentil burgers
Quinoa cashew salad
Potato salad
Sweet potato and spicy houmous wraps
Cream cheese and avocado wraps

Then came dessert :)

For dessert we had;
Mixed berry muffins
Cherry brownies
Strawberry cream pots
Peanut butter chocolate squares (which aren't in the picture)

We were super happy that it all turned all so well and had lots of fun planning, preparing and making everything! Tiger really helped with making everything look so pretty ;)

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