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Another beautiful meal enjoyed at Bistro 1847. They never fail to deliver on their promise of high quality, unique and creative vegetarian food. I attended their Kickstarter launch in Birmingham last week - where they explained that they're hoping to expand their business to Liverpool.

Ratatouille, red pepper jus, burnt aubergine puree, polenta has brown, chard red onion, confit tomato

The Birmingham branch has a cosy, clean, natural feel to it and is decorated with earthy creations like the ones pictured below.

 The taster menu kicked off with this selection of one-bite pre starters and we were advised to eat from left to right. Now, inconveniently I cannot stand mushrooms (which is a bummer when the staple veggie option at most restaurants includes the little buggers) but I dared myself to have a nibble at this. And to my utter astonishment I liked it! It's mainly the texture that puts me off, but I suppose the pickling had altered that. It was lovely and tangy and woke my taste buds up in an instance.
Pre Starter: Pea puree, basil jam, grapefruit in pastry case and sea salt. Pickled mushroom, chargrilled cucumber. Beetroot Soup, coconut creme wth dark chocolate. 

The second 'bite' was this joyful little shot. It was warm, smooth, and creamy and soothed over the tangyness of the last one. The final mouthful was the pea puree, which almost combined the previous two taste-wise - smooth almost creamy peas with the sharp grapefruit. And the pastry case was like a posh Yorkshire pud, yum!
The asparagus was cooked perfectly and I liked the crunchy textures of this starter.
Starter: 63 degree poached egg, chargrilled asparagus, salted baby turnip - my vegan version came with extra turnip

I absolutely love cooked cherry tomatoes when I've had them in the past but I've never had a full sized one cooked whole! When I pierced it with my knife and folk all of the warm sweet juices trickled out, so delicious! The hash browns were light and soft - perfect for soaking up the tomato juices.
Main: Ratatouille, red pepper jus, burnt aubergine puree, polenta has brown, chard red onion, confit tomato

This one may have been my favourite. It was sticky and sweet, the banana custard was beautiful and you could really taste the poppy seed.
Pre Dessert: Poppy seed, banana custard, peach rhubarb, micro-coriander

I'll have to have a go at making this tofu almond creme at home. It was delicious! The dish was salty and sweet - a great combo. 
Dessert: Apricot and thyme jam, tofu almond creme, sugar, cubed coated strawberries.

Thanks to Emily for kindly lending me the photos :) If you want to help get Bistro 1847 to Liverpool then you can donate on Kickstarter

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  1. It was a fantastic meal :) I loved the asparagus and the pre-dessert.

    1. It was! I think the beetroot soup and pre-dessert were my faves :)

  2. The beetroot soup was lovely, perfectly seasoned with a pepperyness cutting through the earthiness of the beet.Food looks amazing.!!!