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I went on a lovely little trip recently to the hometown of my friend Amy. Bury St Edmunds is a cute little market town in Suffolk choc full of nice pubs and independent shops. It's also home to the UK's smallest pub The Nutshell! Which you can see Amy peering into below.

For the first part of the day Amy gave me a tour of the town centre

Pretty gardens that surround the ruins of the Abbey
Some very bolshie squirrels about

I was informed by my guide that this is known as 'the duck and teapot' - for obvious reasons!

There were houses literally built into the ruins! Nutters
Our friend Emma arrived by the afternoon so we all went to a little village outside of Bury called Clare in search of this amazing antiques shop

Time for our night out in the party hotspot that is Bury St Edmunds! We started off in The Nutshell and managed to get seats - if you can believe it. After that we went to Wetherspoons and then a club called Flex.
The following day we went to Lavenham, another little village in the area. This place was incredible. It was full of medival buildings and colourful wonky houses. There were lots of little teashops and a few posh restaurants.

A door within a door

That afternoon we headed back home to Leicester. And that concludes my Bury trip! If you're into historical quirky towns then I would definitely recommend a trip to this area :)

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  1. Wow Bury St Edmunds looks like such a beautiful and cozy place! I should add it to my Bucket List!