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I'm back after spending a few days in Bath and finally got to visit the Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen (previously known as Demuths). This place is highly regarded amongst veggies and non-veggies alike (and rightly so!). I was not disappointed.

 ('Salted Chocolate Tart' with raspberry sorbet and crushed pistachios)

Started off the feast with a rhubarb and vanilla martini (with a sprig of thyme). Was gorgeous!

For starters I had the 'Carrot and Cashew Pate' with pickles and spelt crisps. The tastes were subtle but satisfying! And presentation was great.

Up next the 'Curried Cauliflower Fritter' - served with hickory smoked potatoes, garlic dahl, and raisin and tamarind puree. This was delish! A great mixture of textures with the soft dahl and potatoes with the crunchy cauliflower and almonds (which were nestled nicely in those cauliflower towers).

Now I really don't want to understate this - this salted chocolate tart was quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten. Word cannot describe this thing! It was almost like have the most delicious creamy truffle in a cake form. I think I'm gonna get working out their recipe for this one!

More pictures to come from my Bath trip!

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