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My apologies for the lack of posts, it's been a bit crazy lately! My last two weeks have consisted of in short - moving back to Wales for the summer, visitng my dad in Italy, visiting Bristol to see Brian Jonestown Massacre (absolutely incredible), starting my summer job at the museum, and last night seeing We Are Scientists (also amazing!).
Here are some of my phone snaps from the last two weeks. Look out for my proper Italy blog post :)

(View from dad's balcony)

(Fresh water tap - one of many around the village)

(Italian made vegan pizza)

(Me posing in San Mamete)

(San Mamete)

(Beautiful Italian architecture)

(Vegan Thali from The Thali Cafe Bristol)

(Getting hypnotic for BJM)

(Hypno BJM)

(Pistachio cake from Cafe Kino Bristol)

(Cafe Kino - all vegan cooperative)

(Pistachio cake and strawberry milkshake)

(Back in Swansea)

(Vegan special from Govindas Swansea)

(My place of work for the summer!)

(We Are Scientists in Sin City Swansea)

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