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I recently went on a wonderful trip to Nantes to visit my friend Louison. I took over 700 pictures altogether so narrowing it down to these was pretty tough! Prepare for a lot of pictures :)

The first day we explored the city centre and did lots of touristy things! There seemed to be markets going on everywhere! This one was really near where Louison lives with a pretty impressive shoe stall

Strange dresses
Quirky building in the centre of town!
Now that's a hell of a cathedral

We found this great pizza place who were really accommodating for my vegan requirements! This is a cheeseless pizza with peppers, black olives, and marinated courgettes.
We visited the castle that had this bizarre hairly looking maze
The were over 20 exhibition rooms in the castle, so I'm now pretty clued up on my Nantes history!

Strange things!
The castle grounds
Of course we had to explore the hair maze
The cold was getting to us so we went in search of a teashop that served soya milk. Then these guys appeared from nowhere!
Success! We found somewhere.
This carousel was right in the centre of town, so Christmassy!
There were three of these Christmas markets altogether!
We also visited the botanical gardens in search of the penis plant, but alas, it was in vain! We did find some goats though
Slightly Alice in Wonderland

Winter blooms
And this slightly Nightmare Before Christmas
 As you may be aware France is known for being pretty veggie unfriendly, and I can pretty much confirm that! However, we did actually manage to find one vegetarian stall in one of the Christmas markets! You can probably imagine my excitement
Here's the menu
I had a quinoa and pumpkin soup

We went in search of the giant mechanical elephant who lives on one of the islands. And stopped for a pose, of course.
There it is! It did trips around so we had a ride.
Here's Louison upon it
There was also this carousel with scary deep sea creatures instead of horses
More mechanical things
There is goes! It looked very realistic. Its head moved, its ears flapped, its eyes even blinked! It also sprayed water from its trunk at fascinated onlookers.
I would say it's worth visiting Nantes for this alone!
Art everywhere
One of the nights we visited a wonderful bar on the 32nd floor of a building called Le Nid. It had this crazy character wrapped around the entired length of the floor! And egg shaped seats and tables. 
Nice cocktails! And there was a jazz band playing that night
You can go out onto the balcony and see this amazing view of Nantes. So pretty

We visited this cool Japanese garden too
Amazingly we managed to find vegan crepes at this place!
That's what I like to see ;)
It was really cute inside too
The menu
I had a fried potato, houmous and fresh herb crepe, and it was lovely

I will definitely be visiting Nantes again :)

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