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Belated post about my visit home last month.

We took a trip to the Chapter Arts Centre to check out Richard Ayoade's new film The Double, which was pretty awesome! Highly recommend. We decided to have food there before the movie and were delighted to find a gigantic selection of vegan and veggie options! I even saw a food award they had won for their vegan efforts. Bit of luck aye? We both went for the peanut butter carrott wrap (£3!) it came with salad and crispies too. You can see the rest of the menu on their website HERE :)

We spent the rest of the day charity shop shopping. We stopped off for a few drinks and before we knew it it was time to eat again!

We went to one of my faves - Las Iguanas, where I had a free meal for my birthday! They have a seperate veggie/vegan menu to chose from. Click here to check it out! We had the Holy Guacamole and refried beans to start (without the sour cream).

2 4 1 cocktails, why not!

Sadly the pictures I took of my main got deleted accidentally. I had got the Bahia Moqueca which was flippin' incredible! They serve it in a clay pot over a flame which you can see is there in preparation in the pic below!

For now I'll just post an Instagram picture of the main that I took last time I went there! Doesn't quite do it justice but ya get the idea :)

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